May 22, 2020

3D Printed Plier Holder

In my personal workshop, I keep my most important tools within reach and sight. I can instantly find whatever I’m looking for, and know if it’s missing. Most of my tools hang on a sheet of plywood hung on the wall. Something that I find to be overlooked in many storage systems is whether a tool hangs in a way such that when removed from its fixture, it is in a usable position in your hand. I like a process that looks like this: Grab tool, Use, return tool. No searching, or flipping tools around in your hand in awkward ways.

The Plier Holder schematic
Plier Holder Schematic

This requirement led to one of my favorite 3D printed designs. A simple, modular, holder for pliers, but also wire strippers, scissors, and wire cutters. I did the design in Autodesk Inventor and printed it on my FlashForge Finder in PLA. Since I could only print a holder large enough for 2 tools, I added dovetail joints for a larger system.

Plier Holder, 3 sections holding 5 tools
Plier Holder, 3 sections holding 5 tools.