January 24, 2021

Drum Machine Part V - Final Product

This project has seen a lot over the 14 months it’s been in the pipeline. It is exciting to see the CAD models come to life. Assembling the PCB onto the front panel was far more straightforward than the Baby 8 Sequencer or Triple Oscillator. Instead of angle-grinding a section of computer chassis, I purchased a shiny piece of 22 AWG sheet metal and borrowed an old friend’s sheet metal shear. The edges are straighter and overall cleaner than my first two modules. A slightly heavier gauge steel might be better, the panel flexes a bit with patch cables. The snare drum and high hats have a nice range of decays that I find realistic. The overall sound gets a 7.5 out of 10, but that’s the quality of sound I was expecting with such a simple circuit.

The CAD package can be found here.

fully assembled working Drum Machine
First fully assembled working Drum Machine version 1.1.